CoverX 180™

  • Traction

  • Flotation

  • Snow

Extreme flotation

CoverX 180™ is an improved version of the CoverX™ providing 20% more surface area for maximum flotation in extremely wet and soft terrain.

By far the best flotation track on the market for extremely wet and sensitive terrain. The track has maximum flotation capacity with a minimal impact on the ground and optimal grip on the tires. This model is available in two versions, 16 and 20 mm material thickness. The 16 mm cross member is ideal for smaller machines and harvesters. The design of the crossbar also provides very good grip and prevents the machine from sliding sideways.

  • Great flotation ability
  • Extremely low impact on the ground
  • Very good side grip
  • Very good traction
  • Durable profile
  • Very good grip on tires
  • High link system, minimizing the rolling resistance


Choose the right tracks for your machine

1. Cross member

Our nine profiles provide different degrees of grip and flotation. EX, OF, and EVO gives better grip while U, Baltic, and CoverX are unbeatable for flotation. ECO, KovaX, and Combination are our all-round profiles.

2. Cross member type

Cross member thickness, Light, Normal and Plus. Applicable for certain track types:

Light: Lighter cross members for forwarders with a load capacity up to 12 ton or harvesters with a machine weight up to 15 ton.

Normal: Standard size cross members for forwarders with a load capacity between 12-20 ton or harvesters with a machine weight up to 25 ton.

Plus: A stronger cross member for forwarders with a load capacity between 15-20 tons.

For forwarders with payloads up to 25 tons, please consult with your Olofsfors dealer.

3. Link system

Choose between 22, 26, 29, 30 mm or Max based on machine size and terrain. Smaller link systems for lighter machines. Larger machines or machines that run in wet ground require more powerful link systems. Max has more moving parts which reduces wear.

4. Version

We offer standard, soft or narrow versions for your cross-member ends. Soft protects the tire side better for example against stones and narrow fits when you have less space.

5. Position

Customize the position of the cross member on your machine. Select the asymmetric position or one side short to get maximum flotation capacity if your tires have little space against the machine.

6. Cleat

Add cleats to your track to increase the grip of the machine and reduce wear on the cross members. You can choose single cleat, double cleat, road cleat, or without cleats.

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